Peter Gething

Pete Gething is Professor of Epidemiology at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford where he leads the Malaria Atlas Project. He is an MRC Career Development Fellow and Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Geospatial Disease Modelling (WHO CC).

Pete has worked in tropical health since 2002. His first degree was in Geography and he read for his PhD at Southampton in the Schools of Geography and Electronics and Computer Science, developing spatio-temporal geostatistical approaches for improving the fidelity of imperfect routine reporting data on presumed malaria in Africa. In 2005 Pete became a member of faculty at Southampton as a lecturer in GIS, before joining the Malaria Atlas Project in 2008.

Pete's interests are in the development and application of empirical and biological models to address policy-relevant questions in tropical health. His group focuses on the geospatial modelling of changing P. falciparum malaria transmission, burden, and the role of changing intervention coverage and control efforts. Other work has focused on the interactions between climate and vector ecology, on the rational use of routine health reporting, and on treatment seeking behaviour and transport models.

Selected publications

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