Median predicted allele frequency for G6PD deficiency map in 2010 globally

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This map shows the predicted allele frequency for G6PD deficiency within malaria endemic countries

Estimates were made based on data from community surveys which fed into a geostatistical model configured to give gene frequency estimates for populations on a spatial scale and adapted to reflect the X-linked inheritance of the G6PD gene. The model output a range of estimates (a posterior distribution) at each location (~5x5km) and the median estimate is shown on the above map. The interquartile range of estimates at eahc location is shown in the map below as a measure of uncertainty in the median predictions displayed above.

Tools used to create map & published version

Howes, R.E., Piel, F.B., Patil, A.P., Nyangiri, O.A., Gething, P.W., Dewi, M., Hogg, M.M., Battle, K.E., Padilla, C.D., Baird, J.K. and Hay, S.I. (2012). G6PD deficiency prevalence and estimates of affected populations in malaria endemic countries: a geostatistical model-based map. Public Library of Science Medicine, 9(11): e1001339

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