Dominant malaria vectors map in 2010 in Africa+

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This map show the set of mosquito species that have been assessed as the most important for malaria transmission in each malaria endemic area.

We used the predictive maps for each species to generate this multiple vector species map and only those areas with a presence probability greater than 0.5 were included. Our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) identified the three most important vector species per country (where there were three or more species) and ranked these species by their relative importance and the top-ranked species were displayed preferentially. In those areas where the dominance of one species was not clear, the predictive maps for each dominant species were merged.

Notes on the Asia Pacific

Due to the complexity of mosquito species found in the Asia Pacific region, all vector species found in each country within the region were ranked by importance. Additionally, where the importance of a vector species is known to vary greatly across a country's geographical extent, more detailed species-specific spatial information was gathered.

Notes on Africa

The first map for Africa illustrates the distribution of those species considered to be of major importance. There are other important vector species so a second map of Africa dedicated to showing the distributions of these 'secondary' dominant vector species is also provided.

Tools used to create map & published version

Sinka, M.E., Bangs, M.J., Manguin, S., Rubio-Palis, Y., Chareonviriyaphap, T., Coetzee, M., Mbogo, C.M., Hemingway, J., Patil, A.P., Temperley, W.H., Gething, P.W., Kabaria, C.W., Burkot, T.R., Harbach, R.E. and Hay, S.I. (2012). A global map of dominant malaria vectors. Parasites and Vectors, 5: 69.

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