The predicted distribution of Anopheles (Cellia) gambiae Giles, 1902 in Nigeria

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This is a predictive map showing the probability of occurrence for this mosquito species.

Red indicates where our model predicts that the probability of finding the mosquito species is high and blue areas are where the model predicts that the probability of finding the species is low. Regional versions of this map also display species occurrence data as reported in the published literature (the black dots).

These predictions were generated using the Boosted Regression Tree modelling methodology which also produced a ranked list of environmental variables assessed to be influential in predicting the presence of this species. These environmental variables are given in the paper below.

Note: The mosquito species occurrence data were collated with the aim of providing a global perspective, and the predictive maps we have produced are based on a model output across a large, regional scale. Whilst remaining informative, it is important to note that some individual country maps may not be able to represent all of the fine scale variation that exists in the mosquito distribution.

Tools used to create map & published version

Protocol [300.0 KB] (PDF)

Sinka et al. (2010) The dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria in Africa, Europe and the Middle East [4.2 MB] (PDF)

Global surface in Binary Float format [2.3 MB] (None)

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